#1 Grade Premium North American Matsutake Mushroom ( US Delivery) 200g

Ship to US Only CM11

Coming Soon Available Date: 2018-08-29

#1グレード 最高級北米産松茸、4~7本入り。






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#1 Grade Premiun North American Mushroom. 

Button is tight and has distinct aroma . 

4 ~ 7 pieces  


  1. Estimated Delivery Date: Middle September to October, it can be November due to harveting.  
  2. Due to the nature of the products specific requests for delivery dates will not be accepted.
  3. Nittsu gift accept cancellation wihin 2 days after order is placed. 
  4. Within the same order confirmation number may be subject to different delivery dates depending on ordered box size etc.   
  5. If the receiver find problem with delivered matsutake please contact Nittsu Gift within 2 days  
  6. Quality of matsutake will not be guaranteed due to the following reasons:  Unknown, inaccurate delivery address, long-term absence and relocation of the recipient which will delay or unable delivery of the ordered item.  The sender may be charged an additional fee for redelivery or redirecting delivery location.
  7. Nittsu Gift will send confirmation e-mail when the order is complete. Please contact Nittsu Gift if you do not receive it .   
  8. We will charge sales tax when delivery address is IL, IN, and NY 

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