Auvil Orchard Rainier Cherry 2.0kg

Ship to Japan Only AR02

Coming Soon Available Date: 2018-05-03

オービル農園のGEE WHIZブランドのレーニア・チェリーをお届けします

1928年に、ワシントン州におけるチェリーのパイオニア、指導者として知られるグラディー・オービル氏によって成立されたオービル農園のGEE WHIZブランドのレーニア・チェリーは、その糖度の高さ、粒の大きさは他の追随を許しません。

·        お申し込み締切日:615日(締切が早まる場合もございます)。

·        お届け予定期間:7月上旬~7月中旬


·        2.ご注意事項











Auvil Fruit Company’s Rainier cherries for Japan delivery.

Rainier Cherries from Auvil Fruit Company are known as some of the sweetest and biggest in the world.

  • Within the Cascade Mountains of Washington State, along the Columbia River, cherries in the Wenatchee Valley are grown and harvested at their ripest. It is here that we take pride in selecting top quality, exceptionally sweet cherries.
  • Order must be received by June 15.
  • We may stop taking orders before the closing date due to limited availability
  • Estimated Delivery Date: Late June to Mid-July.
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Notes on Japan Delivery

  1. Due to the nature of the products specific requests for delivery dates will not be accepted.
  2. There is usually a time gap in delivery between Bing and Rainier varieties.
  3. Quality of fruit will not be guaranteed due to the following reasons:  Unknown, inaccurate delivery address, long-term absence and relocation of the recipient which will delay or unable delivery of the ordered item.  The sender may be charged an additional fee for redelivery or redirecting delivery location.
  4. Within the same order confirmation number may be subject to different delivery dates depending on ordered box size, fruit variety and /or delivery location.
  5. Delivery to remote islands is not available.
  6. Orders may not be fulfilled due to unfavorable weather, crop or availability.

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